Rental Agreement Terms & Conditions

Upon agreeing to Pittsburg Self Storage Terms & Conditions, Lessee hereby agrees to rent from Pittsburg Self Storage, hereinafter referred to as the Lessor located at Pittsburg, New Hampshire, a storage space under the following terms and conditions.

1. Rent: The monthly rent shall be the amount entered above, due and payable in advance on the first of the month, the Lessor or the Lessor’s designated agent at 234 Summer Street, Lancaster, New Hampshire.

2. Performance Deposit: In addition to the payment of the first month’s rent, as indicated above, there will be a performance deposit equal to first month's rent to be paid at the time of the execution of this Rental Agreement. This performance deposit will be refunded in full providing all rent, late, and other charges have been paid, the required fifteen (15) day prior notice has been received and the inside rented unit has been broom cleaned at time of vacating.

3. Late Payments: In the event the stated rent is not received at the above address within ten (10) day after the due date, a LATE CHARGE in the amount of $20.00 will be charged. In the event of a returned or dishonored bank check that was accepted for payment for rent and/or other charges, there will be an additional administrative fee charged for the returned check in addition to the $30.00 late charge that will result from the returned check.

4. Term: Commencing on the first of the month and ending at noon of the last day of each month thereafter, until terminated by either the Lessee of the Lessor in writing at least fifteen (15) days prior to the last day of any month in according to New Hampshire law.

5. Use, Occupancy, and Compliance with Law: The premises are to be used only for the storage of personal property and household goods owned by the Lessee. Lessee further agrees that the premise will not be used for the operation of any business or for human, animal, or anything that eats or crawls occupancy. Trash or other materials shall not be allowed in or near the leased premises. Nor shall any outside space be used for maintenance or repair of any property stored.The storage of welding or flammable, explosive or other inherently dangerous material is prohibited. Vehicles or other similar fuel driven equipment may be stored only if the fuel tanks are shut off and secured and inspected by the Lessor or his agent. Lessee shall not store in a rented unit any item(s) which shall be in violation of any order or requirement imposed by any Board of Health, Sanitary Department, Police or Fire Department or any other governmental agency or in violation of any other legal requirement or do any act or cause to be done any act which created or may create a nuisance in or upon or connected with the leased premises. The tenant shall be responsible for all costs associated with the removal of hazardous materials or any penalties incurred as a result of hazardous substances being on the premises.

6. Signs: No painted or other signs shall be places on the leased premises.

7. Rules: Lessee agrees to abide by all Pittsburg Self Storage rules and policies that are now in effect or that may be put into effect from time to time.

8. Condition and Alteration of Premises: Lessee has examined the premises and hereby accepts them as being in good order, condition and repair. Lessee agrees to immediately notify Lessor or any defects, dilapidation, or dangerous conditions that may occur. Lessee agrees to keep the premises in good order and condition and to pay Lessor promptly for any repairs of the premises caused by the Lessee’s negligence or misuse or the negligence of misuse by the invitees, licensees, and/or guests. Lessee shall make no alterations or improvements of the premises without the prior written consent of Lessor. Should Lessee damage or depreciate the premises or make alterations or improvements or do painting or redecorating without the prior written consent of the Lessor, then all costs necessary to restore the premises to its prior condition must be made by the Lessee.

9. Inspection: Lessee agrees that the Lessor or his agent may, at any reasonable time, enter to inspect the premises and/or make repairs. Lessee further agrees that Lessor may show the premises to a prospective purchaser(s) of the property or to lending institutions or their representatives at any reasonable time or, if notice of termination of this occupancy has been given by either party, to prospective Lessees during the period prior to termination.

10. Termination: The occupancy under this Agreement may be terminated by the Lessor or Lessee by the giving by one of written notice to the other of his intention to terminate the occupancy of the assigned unit or space; said written notice to be received at least fifteen (15) days prior to the date of termination. Rent is payable by the Lessee to the Lessor for the current month and if the occupant vacates prior to the end of said month, the Lessee must, never less, pay the stipulated rent for the said current month as hereinbefore provided. As conditions for such termination and prior to the return of any deposit, Lessee shall perform the follows: leave Lessor the forwarding address of Lessee and allow Lessor to inspect the premises in Lessee’s presence to verify the final condition of the premises and contents.

11. Default: In the event of non-payment of rent or other charges by the Lessee for a period of (10) Ten consecutive days after the due date, Lessor may proceed under New Hampshire law or any other legal remedy at law of in equity.In the event any portion of the rent has not been paid by Lessee to Lessor and/or in the event any of Lessee’s stored property remains on the premises after termination of the Rental Agreement, Lessor has the right to re-enter the unit/space and remove Lessee’s stored property and store it in another place, deny Lessee access to such property, consider the occupancy terminated and re-let the premises. Lessor shall mail notice to Lessee at last known address of Lessee. Lessee may also requests that Lessor provide such notice to another individual (to be provided to Lessor upon receipt of storage unit. At the expiration of thirty (30) day notice period, Lessor may, be sale, dispose of stored property and apply the proceeds in accordance with New Hampshire statutes. Unpaid rent shall accrue with interest at 18% per annum. The landlord is not responsible for damage to tenant’s lock in removal of such lock pursuant to the provisions herein.

12. Assignment or subletting: Lessee’s shall not sublet or assign all or any portion of the related premises or Lessee’s interest therein without the prior written consent of the Lessor.

13. Attorney’s Fees: If legal action shall be brought by Lessor for unlawful detainer, to recover any sums due under this Agreement, or for the breach of any other covenant or condition contained in the Agreement, Lessee shall pay the Lessor all costs, expenses and reasonable attorney’s fees incurred by the Lessor in the aforesaid action.

14. Liabilities: Lessee shall hold the Lessor and/or his agents harmless from all claims of loss or damage to Lessee’s property and/or injury or death of persons caused by the intentional acts or negligence of Lessee, his guests, licensees or invitees, or occurring on the premises rented for the Lessee’s exclusive use or the premises of Pittsburg Self Storage. Lessee hereby expressly releases the Lessor from any and all liability or loss of damage to Lessee’s property or effects arising out of water leakage, breaking pipes, theft, fires, vandalism or other causes beyond the reasonable control of the Lessor. Lessee’s possessions within the rented unit/space are so placed at Lessee’s sole risk and Lessor shall have no liability for any loss of damage caused to said possessions whatsoever. Lessee acknowledges that insurance is available from independent insurance companies for damage to Lessee’s property for the liability imposed in this paragraph and it is Lessee’s option to purchase such insurance.

15. Acknowledgement: Lessor hereby acknowledges the receipt of deposit equal to one month's rent as payment in advance of first month’s rent. Rent is due on the first day of each month. No statements will be sent.

I understand that this storage facility and/or its management:

A. Is not responsible for loss or damage to my property;
B. Does not provide insurance for my stored property;
C. Requires that I provide my own insurance coverage or be uninsured (personally responsible for any loss).